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What is an Ombudsperson?

Ombudsperson is from Swedish, a Germanic language in the same family as English, and means "commissioner, agent." Derived from Old Norse, an umbodhsmadhr was a deputy who looked after the interests and legal affairs of a group such as a trade union or business. In 1809 the office of ombudsman was created to act as an agent of justice to look after the interests of justice in affairs between the government and citizens.

Role of the Ombudsperson Council

The Illinois State University Ombudsperson Council, which consists of three members, is available during all academic sessions to faculty, staff, and administrators of the University community. The Council assists in mediating and resolving misunderstandings and disagreements. It will assist people with interpersonal conflicts and disputes as well as complaints about academic, professional, or administrative issues. The Ombudsperson Council will help individuals resolve concerns fairly, and whenever possible, informally.

Current Members of the Ombudsperson Council

  • Joe Goodman

    Management & Quantitative Methods
    (Fall 2021- Summer 2024)

  • Quanisha Kumi-Darfour

    Career Services
    (Fall 2021-Summer 2023)

  • Ryan Brown

    Teaching and Learning
    (Fall 2022 – Summer 2025)

Contact the Council

The best way to reach the Council is via email at Please include:

  • Your name
  • How you wish to be contacted (by email or by telephone -- if the latter, please provide a number and the best times to reach you).

When the Council receives your message, you will be assigned a primary contact person. That person will get in touch to discuss how you wish to proceed.

Students Seeking Assistance

Students who are seeking assistance are encouraged to contact Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution, a unit of the Dean of Students Office.